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Past Presentations, Reports and Interviews by Leading Industry Experts


Antibody Drug Conjugates Clinical E-Book


Isolator Surfaces and Contamination Risk to Personnel and Patient

World ADC ENDOCYTE presentation graphic

Novel Warheads for Targeted Therapies of Cancer - pro-PBDs: from Design to Clinical Candidates

Iontcho R. Vlahov, PhD
VP of Discovery Chemistry
Endocyte, Inc., West Lafayette, IN, USA

World ADC San Diego Karim Malek Interview

Check out our interview with Karim Malek of ImmunoGen on the latest challenges and breakthroughs in the space


A Standardized, Automated Approach For Exosome Isolation And
Characterization Using Beckman Coulter Instrument

Chad Schwartz, Ph. D., Zach Smith, M.S. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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World ADC San Diego Post Event Report 2017

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Clinical Development of ADCs: ARX788, a Her2-targeting ADC as an Example – Ambrx

Yong-jiang Hei, M.D., Ph.D.

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Linker Design: Why so complex? – GNF

Bernhard Geierstanger

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Past Presentation:

A Single-Use ADC Process: From Development to Clinical.

Berthold Boedeker, Biotech Development.

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Past Presentation: Heidelberg Pharma

Develpoment of Amanitin-based ADCs.

Andreas Pahl, Heidelberg Pharma GmbH, Ladenburg, Germany

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Past Presentation: Pierre Fabre / mAbs

A Global Overview of Analytical Requirements & New Techniques for ADC Characterization.

Alain Beck, PhD Sr. Director, Antibody Physico-Chemistry Centre d’Immunologie Pierre Fabre, FR Associate Editor, mAbs, US

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Past Presentation: Sanofi

ADCs: A Targeted Approach for the Treatment of Cancer.

Cécile Combeau, Early Development Oncology, Sanofi

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ADC Bioanalysis Paper 


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World ADC San Diego 2016 Report




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New cryptophycins as promising payloads for ADC


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Workshop F: Linker Design: Why so complex?


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Antibody Drug Conjugates Clinical Insights E-Book

Gain invaluable insight on the latest news of ADCs progressing in the clinic.


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Hybrid LBALC–MS Top Articles Supplement

Lead author: Jian Wang, Analytical & Bioanalytical Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb


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