September 20 – 22, 2017 | San Diego, CA
Sheraton San Diego Marina

New & Highlights for 2017

Empowering Your ADC Development with New Industry Intelligence

bayert Discover inhibitors of kinesin spindle proteins as ADC payloads
FDA Hear how to robustly quality control of your drug-linker from a regulatory reviewer perspective
Genentech Learn of a mechanism-based translational model that describes and predicts the complex pharmacokinetic behaviour of preclinical species and in patients
ImmunoGen Explore the scientific rationale for combining ADCs with immuno-oncology agents with clinical data from the mirvetuximab soravtansine with pembrolizumab trial
tarveda Hear clinical data which validates miniaturized drug conjugates for the treatments of patients with solid tumours
Medimmune 140x70 Gain insight which supports that non-natural amino acid ADCs exhibit similar, or better, stability and potency compared to thiol-linked ADCs
eisai Improve your understanding of tumor targeting with insight from the development chlorotoxin in peptide drug conjugates. Comprehensive analysis reveals its true target is distinct and separate from it toxic properties in venom
merck Explore the preclinical development, from an analytical perspective, of a novel ADC targeting autoimmune disease

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ADC & Immuno-Oncology Combinations Day

More Durable Responses in a Larger Fraction of Cancer Patients

Immune checkpoint inhibitors have emerged as one of the most promising cancer fighting agents. Yet, the number of patients showing durable responses to monotherapy is limited.

Early research suggests the synergy of ADCs and IO compounds holds strong promise to overcome these challenges by proving more durable responses in a larger fraction of cancer patients. Further evidenced by 9 ADCs now in clinical trials with PD1/PD-L1.

New for 2017, the inaugural ADC & IO Combo Day will capture the latest industry intelligence from the likes of ImmunoGen, MedImmune and AbbVie on combining ADCs with immune mediated therapies.

Attend this exciting day to improve your understanding of the scientific rationale for combining ADCs with immune checkpoint inhibitors, explore the next-generation of novel ADC and IO combinations beyond immune checkpoint inhibitors and review the first read-out of clinical trial results.