September 20 – 22, 2017 | San Diego, CA

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Media Partners

Media Partners

The Antibody Society

ADC Society

ADC Review


The Antibody Society is a non-profit association representing individuals and organizations involved in antibody research and development. We engage in activities that broadly benefit our members, such as education and publishing, and encourage collaboration between companies, academia and government organizations. We also help to organize conferences and networking events. As a trade association, the Society engages with government and international agencies to discuss issues of importance to the antibody ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ISSN 2327-0152) is an international publication combining professional social media with an online-only, hybrid open-access, peer reviewed journal. The Journal is designed to serve the needs of a diverse community of individuals including academia, life sciences, pharma, (basic, translational and clinical) research, clinicians/physicians, along with regulatory affairs, government authorities and representatives from payers, and policy makers.For more information:

Technology Networks

technology networks



Technology Networks Group is an internationally recognised publisher that provides access to the latest scientific news, products, research, videos and posters. Our global community is made up of over 300,000 researchers and scientific professionals from the life science, drug discovery and analytical arenas. eCancer is the leading oncology channel committed to improving cancer communication and education with the goal of optimising patient care and outcomes. By using the latest technologies eCancer works closely with leading figures in oncology to inform and educate the global cancer community.

IOS Press

Media Partners: IOS Press

Medical News Today

IOS Press serves the information needs of scientific and medical communities worldwide. IOS Press now publishes more than 100 international journals and approximately 100 book titles each year on subjects ranging from computer sciences and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences Medical News Today has established itself as a market leader for medical news, providing concise and accurate information that stands out in the ocean of content that is health on the internet. The content is targeted to an educated audience of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Samedan Pharmaceutical Publishers/ EBR

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PharmaVoice 140

Specialist pharmaceutical publisher Samedan Ltd is a dynamic, forward-thinking company, enjoying year-on-year growth with its five market-leading titles for industry professionals.

European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is a journal designed to fill a unique position in scientific publishing. Published quarterly, it provides a dedicated platform of communication and information for the European biopharmaceutical market across Europe, North America & the rest of the world.

 PharmaVOICE magazine provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary about the challenges and trends impacting the life-sciences industry in a multiple-perspective format through articles covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE’s more than 41,000 BPA-qualified subscribers are also kept abreast of the latest trends and information through additional media resources, including WebLinx Interactive WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, White Papers, E-Surveys and e-Alerts.

Molecular and Cellular Oncology


Bentham Science

Bentham Science

Molecular and Cellular Oncology is a high-profile journal from Taylor & Francis for the publication of fundamental, translational and clinical research on cancer. Bentham Science Publishers is a publishing company of scientific, technical, and medical literature based at Sharjah. Bentham publishes more than 116 subscription-based academic journals and over 230 open access journals and e-books.


Human Antibodies (IOS Press)

Media Partners: Human Antibodies

Taylor & Francis, an academic publisher for two centuries, is committed to the publication of scholarly research. We publish the journal mAbs , which is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to the art and science of antibody research and development. Human Antibodies is an international journal designed to bring together all aspects of human hybridomas and antibody technology under a single, cohesive theme. This includes fundamental research, applied science and clinical applications.

Bioanalysis Zone


 MabDesignMabDesign Logo

Bioanalysis Zone is the online home of bioanalysis, binging together the latest news, views, research and products in one place. This free resource provides the ultimate one-stop shop for all busy bioanalysts to stay up-to-date in the fast moving field. Join us by visiting

MabDesign is a French membership organization that aims to structure, mobilize and support the development of the French industrial sector in the field of therapeutic antibody and immunotherapy.

MabDesign provides strategic leverage and development opportunities for its members.


IJMS (ISSN 1422-0067) is an open access journal providing an advanced forum for biochemistry, molecular biology, pathology and toxicology, chemistry, material science and molecular physics (biological physicals, chemical physics and physical chemistry), and is published monthly online by MDPI with an average APT (article publishing time from submission to publication) of 60 days.


World ADC San Diego is open to press.

This year, we welcome accredited press to join World ADC San Diego to cover the very latest in new data, and fresh insights across the full ADC spectrum. With the largest single collection of ADC specialists, including 70 of the leading experts in the field speaking on the agenda, this is the meeting at which to discover the latest progress in the antibody drug conjugate field.

These complimentary press passes are limited. You will need to request a pass to gain approval from the meeting organizers. Press passes are only approved for press who intend to cover the meeting and are from the editorial team of your organization. Sales and marketing (or any other non editorial staff) will not be granted a press pass.

If you’d like to join us, simply email: You will be sent a confirmation email upon approval. Please ensure you include your name, job title and company in your message.