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2019 Partners



Lead Partner

Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We perform ADC sample preparation, small scale development services, customized facility design, and superior scale up of early stage processes for late stage and commercial supply. Backed by a strong reputation for industry leading analytical capabilities and quality control, Lonza can also aide in driving quick development and improving marketability of the industry’s high potential future therapies

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Ajinomoto BioPharma Services

Senior Partner

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services offers comprehensive capabilities for small molecule APIs and biologics production, from process development and cGMP manufacturing to aseptic fill finish, including cytotoxics. As a global CDMO, we provide the adaptive solutions, responsive service, trusted partnership and peace of mind you’ve come to rely on.  Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is establishing itself as a premier, US-based provider for high-containment bioconjugate manufacturing, as well as fill and finish services for both Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (HPAPI) and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)



Senior Partner

Femtogenix develops next-generation DNA-interactive ADC payloads designed using a development platform combining computational chemistry and know-how gained from decades of experience in DNA-targeted drug development. This unique platform enables the design of molecules with tuneable potencies (i.e., low pM to nM) and different mechanisms of action (e.g., G- monoalkylating and G-G and G-A cross-linking). In an ADC format these potent cytotoxic agents provide exquisite cytotoxicity with minimal systemic toxicity.



Senior Partner

ImmunoGen is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops targeted anticancer therapeutics using its proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology. The Company’s lead product candidate, mirvetuximab soravtansine, is a potential treatment for folate receptor α-positive ovarian cancer and other solid tumors. A number of major healthcare companies have licensed limited rights to use ImmunoGen’s ADC technology to develop anticancer therapies; it is used in Roche’s marketed product, Kadcyla.

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Senior Partner


NJ Biopharmaceuticals

Senior Partner

NJ Biopharmaceuticals LLC is a CRO/CDMO that provides integrated chemistry and biology services to clients from the biotech and pharma sectors. Main service areas include multistep organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, bioconjugation, antibody-drug conjugates, and flow chemistry. The company is headquartered in the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick, NJ, with additional chemistry facilities in Bristol, PA, and a satellite office in Cambridge, MA. NJ Biopharmaceuticals has exclusive partners in India for flow chemistry services as well as chemical process R&D and cGMP manufacturing.



Seattle Genetics

Senior Partner



Senior Partner





Avipep Therapeutics

Branding Partner

Avipep Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotech company that develops next-generation ADCs based upon the company's proprietary Avibody™ platform.

Avibodies™ are small, stable, high avidity antibody-derivatives that have superior biodistribution and tumor penetration compared with traditional intact IgGs. Clinical trial results in cancer patients have shown that Avibodies can rapidly and efficiently penetrate tumors. They durably persist within the tumor for weeks while clearing from the systemic circulation within hours.

Avibodies can deliver highly potent payloads with far less toxicity and can be reformatted from existing intact antibodies. Please contact us to discuss collaboration or license.




Abzena is a life science group with headquarters in the UK, and chemistry and manufacturing sites in the US.  Abzena’s complimentary services and technologies in chemistry, biology and manufacturing, are applied to the selection, development and manufacture of better biopharmaceuticals. Abzena works with most of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies and academic groups all over the world and is focused on enabling the development of better treatments for patients.  Abzena’s technologies have enabled many of its customers to progress products through to clinical development. Abzena was created through the incorporation of Antitope, PacificGMP, PolyTherics and The Chemistry Research Solution (TCRS); all of whom now trade as Abzena.





BSP Pharmaceuticals


BSP Pharmaceuticals is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization fully dedicated to antineoplastic  drugs, designed to handle the complexity of biopharmaceutical products and offering customized services to support its client from development to commercial manufacturing of injectables and oral formulations. BSP Pharmaceuticals is focused on innovative therapies such as Proteosome Inhibitors, ADCs , Liposomal formulations, handling the major platforms of ADC compounds currently in clinical and commercial phase.


Carbogen Amcis


CARBOGEN AMCIS combines world-class chemistry skills to provide seamless drug development and commercialization services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Through our customized offering we provide an array of integrated process research and manufacturing services to support the fast supply of complex Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Our infrastructure is fully cGMP compliant and includes a clean room dedicated to ADCs in Switzerland and a formulation site with lyophilization capabilities in France.


Cerbios-Pharma SA


Cerbios has the experience and capabilities to move your ADC project forward. We support you from early stage bioconjugation POC studies up to cGMP manufacturing for both cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic ADCs. Furthermore we provide you with development and manufacturing services for highly potent cytotoxic payloads.
Full life cycle services (including experienced consultancy, full CMC support, registration/validation material and commercial production) are granted for each project.




CordenPharma is a leader in the development and manufacturing of highly potent warheads and linkers for ADCs. From its two facilities CordenPharma Boulder and CordenPharma Colorado, both in Boulder, Colorado, CordenPharma offers development and manufacturing services for clinical and commercial supply of highly potent small molecules, including peptides (solution & solid phase). Both facilities have over 25 years of experience with highly potent compounds and the demonstrated ability to safely work with products <1ng/m3 OEL.


Heidelberg Pharma


Heidelberg Pharma GmbH is a pharmaceutical company with a dual business model: (A) Providing preclinical drug development services in general with a special focus on the development of ADCs. Heidelberg Pharma has ample experience in providing antibody-drug conjugate related services to its clients. (B) Development of novel therapeutics in oncology based on its own proprietary 2nd generation ADC technology based on a novel toxin.




Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company with 160 years of tradition. Our fields of competence include precious metals, materials, and technologies, sensors, biomaterials, and medical products, as well as dental products, quartz glass, and specialty light sources. With product revenues of €4.1 billion and precious metal trading revenues of €17.9 billion, as well as more than 12,900 employees in over 120 subsidiaries worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.

IKSUDA Therapeutics


Iksuda Therapeutics (formally Glythera) is a pre-clinical stage company developing ADCs for difficult to treat solid tumours. Our ADCs are centered around our proprietary PermaLInk® conjugation platform which provides conjugation stability by design.

Through PermaLink, we aim to develop more effective ADCs by leveraging the broad tumour activity associated with ultra-potent DNA damaging payloads, combined with clinically relevant targets.

Through our collaborations and partnerships, we are building a pipeline of superior ADCs with the goal of improving the lives of patients living with cancer.





LegoChem Biosciences

Program Partner

LegoChem Biosiences is a clinical stage biotech with expertise in medicinal chemistry and it has extended its expertise to ADC and developed next-generation site-specific ADC platform with novel linker that improves stability of ADCs in blood circulation, effectively prevents premature drug release, efficiently facilitates liberation of the drug at targeted tumor cells along with differentiated payload technology with superior efficacy and reduced toxicity that show significant improved therapeutic index.




MabPlex International provides one-stop, high-quality CRO/CMO solutions for biologics (mAb and ADCs) to our global clients. We are dedicated to help our clients accelerate development process and reduce manufacture costs. MabPlex has extensive experiences in manufacturing for therapeutic antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Our manufacturing facilities with large-scale disposable lines and world-class instruments are operated by well-trained professionals in full compliance with U.S, European, and Chinese GMP regulations.


Millipore Sigma


MilliporeSigma is the leading Life Science company, providing solutions as a strategic partner to help advance the promise of life saving therapies. We have the largest offering of products for formulations, actives and biotechnology processes. Our joint ADC offering includes a full range of integrated contract manufacturing services for drug development and manufacturing that spans conjugation, mAbs, linkers and payloads. To fit your ADC manufacturing needs, we offer a comprehensive processing portfolio from cell culture media to buffers, salts and stabilizers and from chromatography to TFF equipment, including single-use templates.





NOF CORPORATION is the leading commercial supplier of drug delivery products such as activated PEGs, lipids and ultrapure Polysorbates 20 and 80.  Our cutting edge products include single molecule PEG linkers for ADCs “PUREBRIGHT® Series” and SS-lipids for nucleic acid and gene delivery “COATSOME® SS Series”.





Novasep is a leading provider of integrated manufacturing solutions for the Life Science industries offering a wide range of flexible assets, specialized technologies and advanced process capabilities for the synthesis and purification of APIs and HPAPIs. We provide unique services for the development and cGMP manufacture of antibody-drug conjugates including the payload, the linker and the monoclonal antibody.

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Piramal Pharma Solutions


Piramal Pharma Solutions is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), offering end-to-end development and manufacturing solutions across the drug life cycle. We serve our clients through a globally integrated network of facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services including Drug Discovery Solutions, Process & Pharmaceutical Development services, Clinical Trial Supplies, Commercial supply of APIs and Finished dosage forms. We also offer specialized services like development and manufacture of Highly Potent APIs and Antibody Drug Conjugation. Our capability as an integrated service provider & experience with various technologies enables us to serve Innovator and Generic companies worldwide.

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Formed in 2016, PROVEO™ is a four-company CMO alliance providing seamless, end-to-end solutions for the process development and cGMP manufacture of ADCs. Combining integrated project management, logistics, supply chain, and production—the PROVEO Alliance blends decades of industry experience and competencies with proven capabilities and the very latest in technological innovation to deliver an unmatched quality, dependability, and responsive client service. This truly global alliance will provide you with the most reliable and complete ADC solutions available to the market today.


Sartorius Stedim Biotech


Sartorius-Stedim Biotech is a key supplier of Bioprocessing technologies and Biomanufacturing related services.

Benefit from the most comprehensive bioprocess and single-use technology portfolio coupled with our process engineering expertise, ensuring a robust process development and manufacturing approach.

With you, we design and implement rapid and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions for preclinical,  clinical and commercial manufacturing.

The Sartorius Integrated Solutions team is there to support you




CytomX Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology biopharmaceutical company pioneering a novel class of investigational antibody therapeutics based on its Probody™ therapeutic technology platform. Probody therapeutics are designed to exploit unique conditions of the tumor microenvironment to more effectively localize antibody binding and activity while minimizing activity in healthy tissues. CytomX and its partners have four potentially best in class or first in class cancer immunotherapies in the clinic against both clinically validated and novel targets.


Beacon Targeted Therapies

Senior Partner

Beacon Targeted Therapies is a powerful clinical trial intelligence service that gives you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database on antibody drug conjugates, checkpoints and bispecifics; accelerating your drug development strategy.

Launched in 2015, Beacon ADC is an exclusive benchmark database focused on preclinical and clinical antibody drug conjugates. Curated by specialized researchers, it is a go-to resource to identify trends across the landscape, and track competitors’ latest technology innovations in the race to the next approval.

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Avid Bioservices


Avid Bioservices is a dedicated contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focusing on biologics derived from cell culture systems. A globally compliant partner of the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries, Avid offers a comprehensive range of process and analytical development and high-quality cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing services.




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Beckman Coulter


At Beckman Coulter, we are dedicated to advancing and optimizing the laboratory. For more than 80 years, we have been a trusted partner for laboratory professionals, helping to advance scientific research and patient care.
In the life sciences, researchers use Beckman Coulter’s precision instruments to study complex biological problems, including causes of disease and potential new treatments.Our team of experts dedicates the time and energy to understand the complexity of research for laboratory customers in a wide variety of settings: universities, government, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and commercial laboratories. By innovating new processes and technologies, we’re challenging conventional wisdom; our goal is to develop the best, most widely trusted laboratory solutions available on the market today.




Bio-Techne is a global life sciences company providing innovative tools and bioactive reagents for research and clinical diagnostic communities. Bio-Techne’s product portfolio, representing the biomedical research brands of R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris, ProteinSimple and ACD, assists scientific investigations into biological processes and the nature and progress of specific diseases.

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Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch


A Germany/Bavarian based company that offers a unique selection of payloads for ADCs. We provide state of the art molecules as well as contract manufactured payloads – derived from fermentation, soil, algae or chemically sythesized. Non GMP for early R&D up to cGMP for APIs made in Europe. Our reliability, flexibility, independence and reputation are our key success factors.

flow sciences

Flow Sciences


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Genovis provides unique enzymes suitable for discovery, development and characterization of ADCs, mAbs, proteins, Fc-fusions and biosimilars.

The SmartEnzymes™ portfolio consists of:

  • GlyCLICK®is a site-specific antibody conjugation technology based on enzymatic remodeling of Fc glycans and click chemistry.
  • FabRICATOR® (IdeS), FabULOUS® (SpeB), FabALACTICA™ (IgdE) and GingisKHAN™ (Kgp) are enzymes for subunit preparation.
  • IgGZERO® (EndoS) and GlycINATOR® (EndoS2) are endoglycosidases that remove Fc domain N-glycans.
  • OpeRATOR®and  OglyZOR® are O-glycans specific enzymes
  • SialEXO® removes N/O sialic acids.
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Goodwin Biotechnology uniquely meets the needs for today’s complex, high value, targeted biopharmaceuticals. As a highly flexible, full GMP, FDA-registered and inspected (including PAI) biopharmaceutical CDMO, Goodwin has added commercial cGMP solutions to augment its fully integrated, early-to-commercial stage Single Source Solution™ for Upstream/Scale-up Process Development, cGMP Manufacturing, and Aseptic Fill/Finish of mammalian cell culture derived mAbs, rProteins, Vaccines, and Bioconjugates such as Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Antibody-Dye Conjugates, Antibody-Chelator Conjugates for radio-immunoconjugates, PEGylated Proteins, Biobetters and others.


Howorth Air Technology


For 160 years the Howorth name has been synonymous with providing air filtration. Since our development of the Ultra Clean Ventilation system in the 1960’s, we have been more closely associated with providing controlled clean air for operating theatres.

For over 25 years, we have also been developing a wide range of innovative containment solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry. These systems utilise clean air engineering to provide the highest levels of operator and process protection.

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At Levena BioPharma, we interface complex synthetic chemistry with antibody research providing our clients with the latest technologies and comprehensive services to advance ADC projects from discovery to IND.  Our ADC platform encompasses: ADC screening tools; bioactive molecules (toxins) for research and in cGMP grade; optimized linker-toxins; conjugation services; ADC toxicity screening; and ADC optimization & processing.




Minakem is a technology driven outsourcing partner dedicated to developing and manufacturing fine chemicals, advanced intermediates, APIs and HPAPIs including ADC toxins. A dedicated site having more than 40 years’ experience in high potent compounds, with state-of-the-art containment systems and capability to handle broad range of chemistry from grams to kilos scale, including preparative-HPLC, makes Minakem a partner of choice in HPAPI and ADC toxins development and supply across the full product life cycle.




PPD® is a leading global contract research organization providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory and lifecycle management services.  PPD®Laboratories combines world-class scientific expertise with state-of-the art technologies supported by a commitment to exceptional quality. Our clients benefit from comprehensive lab services spanning bioanalytical, vaccine sciences, GMP, central lab testing and biomarkers.


Quanta Biodesign


Quanta BioDesign was founded for the purpose of developing a line of products involved in drug discovery and diagnostic development. For 30 years the PEGylation of biologics has been completely defined by the use of generally high MW and highly polydispersed PEGs. While showing promising results in the clinic, it has serious limitations in control and characterization. Our single molecular weight ethylene glycol conjugation technology, dPEG, can eliminate common problems found in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products.




ReachBio provides primary cell biology contract research services to the drug development and life science research community. With a special focus on hematopoietic (blood and bone marrow) primary cell systems, our platform is broad and includes predictive and investigative toxicology, immunology, efficacy testing, cell bank development, biomarker selection, flow cytometry/cell sorting, and assay development and. ReachBio has developed two distinct assay platforms to assess cytotoxicity caused by ADCs.

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SafeBridge Consultants


SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. is the premier resource for high-level safety, health and environmental support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  Comprised of industry leaders in toxicology, analytical chemistry and industrial hygiene. SafeBridge has developed the “brand name” in the pharmaceutical industry as a leader in the field of advanced worker protection programs for potent drug handling and risk assessment for product protection. SafeBridge has locations in Mountain View, California, New York City and London, England.