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ADC Review, Journal of Antibody-drug ConjugatesADC Directory offers a comprehensive, member driven resource for businesses and professionals alike. Search by solution or service, compare review and connect with fellow members. World ADC attendees, click here to sign up for a FREE Professional Membership today!

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ADC Review

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ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ISSN 2327-0152) is an international, peer-reviewed, online journal covering antibody-drug conjugates, biSpecific antibodies, site-specific antibody-drug conjugates, small-molecule drug conjugates and engineered fragments. We invite you to join our community of over 16,000 professionals in Large Drug Development (Pharma / Biotech), Small & Medium Drug Development, Equipment Manufacturers, Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations, Regulatory & Government Agencies, Platform Technology and Academia.  


The Antibody Society

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Antibodies is a relatively new journal with a major focus on quick dissemination of knowledge related to antibodies, especially how to quickly translate basic research results to therapeutic applications. Because it covers all areas related to antibodies unexpected connections between different areas could be made, leading to major discoveries and opening new fields of research and development.


MabDesign, the French association of the Biotherapy Industry

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MabDesign, the French biotherapy industrial association, aims to support, federate and increase the visibility of the biopharmaceutical industry, foster exchanges, promote the development and competitiveness of companies, and stimulate innovation by encouraging the emergence of start-ups from academic research.

Operational since September 2015, MabDesign currently has over 240 member companies and its diversity is its strength. MabDesign’s dynamic network includes pharmaceutical and biotech companies, service providers (eg. CROs, CDMOs, etc), professional training actors, high-tech equipment suppliers and specialized consultants.


Cell Culture Dish and Downstream Column

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The Cell Culture Dish and Downstream Column are online publications designed to provide a community for scientists and others involved in biotechnology. The goal is to share expertise and best practices as well as discuss topics of interest to the community. Articles cover areas important to the application, development and regulatory approval of mammalian cell culture processes and products. This includes biomanufacturing, vaccines, cell culture and purification, cell therapy, gene therapy, and life science research.



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IJMS (ISSN 1422-0067) is an open access journal providing an advanced forum for biochemistry, molecular biology, pathology and toxicology, chemistry, material science and molecular physics (biological physicals, chemical physics and physical chemistry), and is published monthly online by MDPI with an average APT (article publishing time from submission to publication) of 60 days.



Media Partner, and its associated digital magazine Deep Dive, is a leading online destination for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry news, insight and debate.



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PharmaVOICE magazine reaches more than 46,000 BPA qualified subscribers and 60,000 users with its digital edition. PharmaVOICE is the forum that allows business leaders to engage in a candid dialogue on the challenges and trends impacting the industry. PharmaVOICE provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary in a multiple-perspective format through forums, topics, and articles covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE subscribers are also kept abreast of the latest trends and information through additional media resources, including Social Media, WebLinx Interactive WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, White Papers, E-Surveys and e-Alerts.

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The Medicine Maker

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The development and manufacture of small molecules, biologics, and advanced therapies draws on the talent, passion and experience of a wide range of professionals. We bring those people into the limelight, showcasing the industry’s success stories and examining its biggest points of contention. Engaging content covers the entire spectrum of drug development, keeping all medicine makers up to date with the most pressing topics, trends and technologies driving the pharma industry forward.