Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Monday | October 16, 2023

8:30 am Morning Coffee & Registration

Introduction to
ADCs Day

Introduction to ADCs Day

Chair: John Lambert, Independent Consultant, Attager Consulting

Are you new to the ADC field? If so, join our ADC 101 day to get your ADC knowledge up to scratch ahead of the scientific program days.

As more companies enter the ever-growing antibody-drug conjugate field, this seminar day will provide you with the critical knowledge gained over years of research and failed clinical trials that culminated in the presently approved ADCs.

Join this one-stop-shop of ADC learning to establish a core understanding of the essential elements in ADC discovery and early development.

9:30 The morning session will cover:

  • Gaining familiarity with the fundamental early learnings that inform ADC design
  • Learning about the key insights that allowed early investigators to overcome the initial challenges that hindered early ADC programs
  • Gaining an understanding of the biological aspects of ADCs
  • Selecting the most appropriate ADC target
  • Choosing an optimum antibody format

12:30 Lunch & Networking

1:30 The afternoon session will cover:

  • Evaluating payload choices for ADCs
  • Reviewing linker design chemistry and what it can bring
  • Understanding the impact of conjugation site selection on ADCs
  • Analyzing the choices and trade-offs in utilizing the chemistry ADC toolbox
  • Assessing key factors in the evaluation of efficacy information from in vivo preclinical models
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End of Seminar Day

5:00 pm Abzena Ambassador Reception*


* Invitation Only