Catalent’s SMARTag® Technology: Differentiated Solutions for Optimal ADCs

Time: 3:30 pm
day: day 1 track 2 pm


• SMARTag is a clinical-stage
ADC technology featuring
site-specific conjugation with
multiple linker and warhead
• 6 CRs and 2 PRs among 22
patients were achieved by
TRPH-222, a CD22-targeted
SMARTag conjugate, in the
dose-escalation stage of a Phase
1 trial for R/R B-cell lymphoma.
• We are using new linkers to
achieve proprietary high DAR
ADCs featuring topoisomerase I
inhibitor payloads.
• We have demonstrated
conjugate stability—even
with cleavable linkers—to
deliver efficacy with improved
tolerability and a wider
therapeutic window.