Exploring MORAb-109: A Site-Specific Eribulinconjugated ADC Targeting Human Mesothelin

Time: 3:00 pm
day: day 1 track 2 pm


• MORAb-109 is a humanized
DAR2 eribulin-conjugated ADC
targeting human mesothelin
that utilizes Eisai’s proprietary
RESPECT-L technology
• Evaluate how, in preclinical
in vivo studies, MORAb-109
demonstrated dose-dependent
anti-tumor activity, with
regression observed in multiple
patient-derived xenograft
models including models with
heterogeneous mesothelin
• Discover how MORAb-109
exhibited stability in vivo in
rodent and non-human primate
species, and is being considered
for further development as a
targeted therapy for mesothelinexpressing