We look forward to welcoming you at World ADC San Diego this 15th-18th September.

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Welcome to the 11th Annual World ADC San Diego Conference

The 11th World ADC San Diego returns in 2020 bigger and better than before with more speakers, tracks and seminar days. Last year we reflected on what was been a rollercoaster of a decade and finished the year with a total of three approved ADCs on the market. This year we can learn from these approvals and hear from the leading drug developers pushing to get the next ADC on the market.

With over 100 industry expert speakers sharing detailed presentations over 5 tracks, 5 focused seminar days and 10 interactive workshops, we have added many new elements to ensure we bring you the most cutting-edge content:

  • Hear from Daiichi Sankyo, Seattle Genetics and Genentech as they share their journeys to getting their drugs on the market in 2019
  • Join Bolt Bio, Mersana and Ambrx on their novel payload types sharing the story of immune-stimulatory ADCS
  • Gain an update from Patrick Van Berckel at ADC Therapeutics on Loncastuximab tesirine with overview of the manufacturing strategy, the clinical data and more…
  • Learn from Dario Neri the importance of Small molecule-drug conjugates (SMDCs) and ADCs: a comparative evaluation

Join over 600 attendees across four days jam packed days and take advantage of this unrivalled learning and networking opportunity and build the foundation for successful future collaborations.

About World ADC Series

The World ADC team ploughs its collective energy into sourcing the insights you need. We investigate the most challenging problems facing the industry; source the leading experts who have game-changing solutions; and distill this into accessible formats of information exchange – for you. From globally leading conferences, to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need, World ADC can offer you the insights you need to accelerate your ADC programs.

The value World ADC provides you is the power of insight and connections. Not artificial, and not short-lived. We nurture the right environments in which people can communicate problems and solutions; share novel data and forge networks across the industry that will make each of your endeavors more informed and more robust.

We share a common belief with the industry – that the potential of antibody drug conjugates is enormous. In the war against cancer, ADCs can be a game-changer and we know that the right insights and connections can sharpen the weapons that are in your arsenal.

Join us at the heart of the ADC community to improve your programs and be part of the mission to develop better antibody drug conjugate drugs.

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