Join us virtually in 2021

The 12th World ADC San Diego - The Digital Edition returns virtually this October as the world’s longest standing and most comprehensive antibody-drug conjugate conference. With the 10th ADC approval in April this year, the ADC field doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and this comprehensive platform is designed to help you stay ahead.

With over 500 ADC stakeholders converging virtually, don’t miss the pinnacle ADC event in your calendar providing an unparalleled opportunity to network and secure partnerships for 2021 and beyond. 

Whatever stage of your ADC journey, the 2021 agenda can be tailored to your needs from discovery through to process development and manufacturing as well as delving further into alternative formats and ADCs outside of oncology

New to the Space 


If you are a newbie to the ADC field our Introduction to ADCs workshop is the perfect workshop for you. A full day bootcamp to deep dive into ADCs 101. Join this one day intense learning environment to establish core skills and understanding in the critical areas of ADC research and development, providing you with the key insights to navigate the rest of the conference and your ADC career.


The workshop is led by our ADC guru, John Lambert. John joined ImmunoGen in 1987, after working in a variety of roles at the company, John served as Chief Scientific Officer from 2008 until 2015. In 2016, he became a Distinguished Research Fellow at the company until his retirement at the end of 2017. During Dr Lambert’s tenure in leadership roles at ImmunoGen, the company invented the ADC technology that resulted in the Genentech/Roche drug, Kadcyla® (approved in 2013 for treating HER2+ breast cancer), as well as numerous other ADCs taken into clinical development.

Advancing Your Pipeline


If you’re advancing your ADC pipeline from pre-clinical to clinical development World ADC San Diego – The Digital Edition has all the leading insights you need to accelerate your clinical development. Don’t miss the ‘Lessons Learned from the Successful & Failed ADCs in our two hour workshop session, where major learnings from successful as well as failed targets, linkers, site-specific conjugation, cytotoxic warheads, and translational strategies will be discussed.

Move between our discovery and translational tracks to understand the preclinical and early discovery work companies our carrying out as well as our seminar day dedicated to ADC Toxicity. You will learn from the crucial toxicity studies carried out by other companies to help shape yours.

If clinical updates is what you want, the Clinical track is perfect for you where you’ll learn about clinical candidates from many different phases and results helping to shape the landscape of ADC clinical development.

ADC Expert


For our ADC experts, we can help advance your specialism whether that’s in manufacturing, combinations or PK/PD modelling.

If you want to hear in depth and detailed CMC content, join either our Process Development track, our Manufacturing track, the CMC Day or one of our dedicated CMC workshops.

Looking to explore or enhance your ADC combinations studies? Join our fan favourite ADC in Combinations day as we analyze the combination landscape and the best ways to enhance your therapeutic window through combinations.

Navigating the large agenda at World ADC can be tricky, but in the digital world each track is just a click away, so no running through large hotels to make the next session!


It has been fantastic to see our community grow over the years and continue to advance the development of antibody-drug conjugates, and we look forward to facilitating the progress of forward thinking researchers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic institutes once again!  

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