Partnership Opportunities

As ADCs enter clinical development at the fastest rate ever, the needs and challenges of ADC drug developers are rapidly expanding and diversifying. This means huge opportunities for organisations with external expertise who can support and accelerate their progress!

Sponsoring World ADC San Diego in 2019 is your best opportunity to attract the attention of these drug developers and influence procurement decisions at this critical time. Your brand, your message, your expertise, your team showcased in front of 600+ leading ADC developers.

Work with the World ADC team to arrive at a bespoke sponsorship, or exhibition, solution that will maximize your brand presence in front of an engaged and senior level audience.


“For Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch the ADC market is a new business field. By sponsoring World ADC in 2014, we got the unique opportunity to see the “whole” market, the decision makers and the real ADC “gurus” in one place… It’s really great to work with the Hanson Wade ADC team. Very professional from the date of first contact. A lot of pre-information, on-site support. Great planning, right place, right space, right people. We already received two order from this meeting.”


Who You Will Meet

Attendance by geo for World ADC San Diego
Who attends World ADC San Diego