8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Uncovering the Wave of Next Generation Successful Conjugates

8:30 am Tumor-Targeted In Situ Immunization; Off-The Shelf & Systemically-Administered


• Re-assessing the role of cytotoxins as stimulators of immunogenic cell death in propogating more robust immune response
• Targeted immunostimulators generate innate immune responses to tumors while increasing systemic tolerability
• Homogeneous combination conjugates of mechanistically different payloads to an antibody opens up systemically administered “in situ immunisation”

9:00 am Development of a Novel Chemical Site-Specific ADC Conjugation Platform with Enhanced Therapeutic Window


• Evaluating site-specific technologies that are being employed in many of the next generation ADCs due to enhanced biological properties in pre-clinical studies
• Reporting a new method of affinity peptide mediated regiodivergent antibody functionalization that enables the synthesis of ADCs from native IgGs in a tunable and atom-precise manner

9:30 am Small Molecule-drug Conjugates (SMDCs) & ADCs: A Comparative Evaluation

  • Dario Neri Professor of Biomacromolecules at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, , ETH Zürich & Co-founder, Philogen


• Comparative biodistribution analysis of ADCs and SMDCs
• Comparative therapeutic performance of ADCs and SMDCs
• Exploring combination opportunities

10:00 am Bio-NMR Guided Development of New Protein Degraders & their Application as ADC Effector Molecules

  • Naresh Jain President & Chief Executive Officer, NJ Biopharmaceuticals LLC


• Evaluating the use of Bio-NMR to accelerate the discovery and optimization of protein degrader effectors
• These new protein degraders were further modified to be ADC effectors
• These ADC constructs showed broad anti-proliferative activity

10:15 am
Morning Refreshments

12:15 pm
Lunch & Networking – Proveo Lunch Seminar

3:00 pm
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Technology Slam


Quickfire 15 minute presentations highlighting the latest and most novel ADC technologies

Looking at & Enhancing Novel Technologies & Hearing the Patients’ Story

4:00 pm Tumor Targeting of a STING Agonist by Means of an ADC Induces Anti-Tumor Immune Responses & Immunological Memory


• Mersana has developed the Immunosynthen platform to enable tumor-targeted delivery of a STING agonist by means of an ADC
• Demonstrating how targeted STING-agonist ADCs induce potent anti-tumor immune responses and immunological memory
• Understanding how targeted STING-agonist ADCs cause significantly more anti-tumor activity and dramatically less induction of systemic cytokines than intravenously administered free STING agonist

4:30 pm Leveraging VelocImmuneTM Technologies to Advance Development of Next-Generation Antibody Conjugates

  • Bill Olson Senior Vice President, Therapeutic Proteins, Regeneron


• Regeneron’s VeclociSuiteTM technologies enable rapid generation of large panels of novel fully human antibodies, bispecific antibodies and humanized mouse models
• Reviewing these and other key technology platforms that provide powerful tools for generating and preclinically evaluating
innovative antibody conjugates spanning diverse disease areas and therapeutic mechanisms of action
• Outlining select examples that include conventional and bispecific antibodies conjugated to cytotoxic and immune-modulating agents

5:00 pm A Kadcyla Patients Experience: Hope & Healing


• One in eight
• Fight for life
• Better than before

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks