Scientific Program Day Two

Wednesday | October 18, 2022

7:15 am Registration & Morning Coffee & Private Breakfast Briefing With Sartorius

8:10 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Robert Lutz Chief Scientific Officer, Iksuda Therapeutics

Next Generation Antibody-Drug Therapy Trends: Propel Your ADC to a Front-Line Treatment

8:15 am ADC Toolbox Expansion with New High DAR Technology & Potent DNA-damaging Linker-Payload

8:45 am Mechanisms & Rational Combinations with Trastuzumab Deruxtecan

  • Jay Mettetal Senior Director - Oncology Bioscience, AstraZeneca

9:15 am Versatile & Robust Chemical Site-Specific Conjugation Platform: AJICAP® Technology


  • AJICAP® Conjugation: Examining how site-specific technologies are being employed in many of the next-generation ADCs due to the enhancement of clinically relevant biological properties observed in various preclinical studies
  • AJICAP® Linker: Demonstrating a novel hydrophilic linker technology that enables the versatile synthesis of homogenous DAR = 1, 2, 4, 8, and higher
  • Demonstrating Bispecific and Trispecific antibodies produced by fully-chemical conjugation technology

9:45 am A Reliable & Flexible Technology for the Rapid Conjugation of Antibodies & Other Biologics


  • Describing how Singzyme provides a one-stop solution for antibodies and nanobodies engineering and conjugation
  • Exploring how Singzyme’s technology accelerates the development of cancer immunotherapy, allowing faster production of antibody-drug-conjugates with minimal footprint on the final product and the possibility to attach two payloads with a defined DAR
  • Exploring Singzyme’s technology which allows imaging for disease diagnosis: production of radiopharmaceuticals for PET scan imaging (Nanobodies or mAbs) with minimal radioactive waste thanks to the highest conjugation efficiency on the market

10:15 am Accelerated Pathway from Antibody to ADC

  • Naresh Jain President & Chief Executive Officer, NJ Bio


  • The pathway from antibody to ADC is complex, resource intensive, and time-consuming
  • There are numerous platform-based solutions including various payload classes, differing linker chemistries, and conjugation technologies to evaluate
  • This talk will demonstrate how having high-quality material, expertize and the right technology can accelerate your ADC programs 

10:30 am Technology Slam & Morning Refreshments


Following the morning session the second Technology Slam will be taking place. Join this session to learn of novel technologies being pioneered within the ADC space and evaluate potential partnerships to drive your R&D forward.

Track 1: Discovery Chemistry

Discovery Chemistry

Gang Yin, Vice President, Protein Chemistry, Sutro Biopharma

Linking ADC Chemistry to Its Clinical Function

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11.30 Auristatin glycoside ADCs with stabilized glycopeptide linker provide exceptionally wide therapeutic window and improved potency. Preclinical validation of CD33 and HER2 targeting MMAU ADCs

Juhani Saarinen, Chief Executive Officer, Glykos

12:00 Design & Optimization of Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator Payloads for Immunology ADCs

Christopher Marvin, Principal Research Scientist II, AbbVie

12:30 Development of Novel Cleavable Pendant Type PEG Linkers for ADCs

Yuki Matsumo, Researcher, NOF Corporation

12:45 Content Track Finishes Early for Lunch

Track 2: Cellular Biology
Track 3: Translational
Track 4: Clinical Lessons
Track 5: Process & Analytical Development
Track 6: Manufacturing & Supply Chain

1:00 pm Lunch & Learn With WuXi XDC CMC Management

Accelerating ADC Development from Lead Selection to IND With Comprehensive Toolboxes

Track 1: Discovery Chemistry

Discovery Chemistry

Spotlight on TOPO1-Inhibitor Payloads & Beyond

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2.00 Development of the Novel Topoisomerase 1i Linker-Payload AZ14170133

Luke Masterson, Chemistry Group Leader, AstraZeneca

2.30 Reducing Target Binding Affinity Improves the Therapeutic Index of Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Tumor Bearing Animals

Yiqing Feng, Vice President, Research, Eli Lilly

Track 2: Cellular Biology
Track 3: Translational
Track 4: Clinical Lessons
Track 5: Process & Analytical Development

3:00 pm Afternoon Networking Break


You cannot progress your ADC pipeline without technology – and with the technology that enables these trials innovating at lightning speed, it is vital that you know what best-in class looks like In this rapid-fire tech spotlight, three of the most innovative new ADC enabling tech providers will give you a lightning-speed overview of how they can revolutionize your ADC process development.

Exploring the Undiscovered Potential of Next Generation ADCs

3:45 pm ADCs: Selecting the Right Tools for the Job


  • Exploring Regeneron’s exciting ADC pipeline, with the focus on their MET bispecific ADC
  • Expanding upon the unique properties of the GLP1R tethered drug conjugate
  • Highlighting the potential of MSR1 targeted antibiotics via transglutaminase and Diels-Alder conjugation
  • Outlining the key advancements in the antibody-drug conjugate field and the potential of utilizing ADCs beyond oncology

4:15 pm Developing an Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugate for Melioidosis

  • Adam Taylor Senior Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory


  • Exploring a proof-of-concept antibody-antibiotic conjugate that has been developed targeting the bacterial pathogen Burkholderia pseudomallei
  • Discussing how in vitro macrophage cell infection assays have been used to demonstrate the ability of this conjugate to kill intracellular bacteria
  • Describing the future of utilizing antibody-antibiotic conjugates within the infectious diseases field 

4:45 pm Panel Discussion: Reviewing the Future of the Oncology Field & Debating on the Potential of Utilizing ADCs Beyond Oncology Indications


  • As ADCs continue to dominate the oncology field, this panel discussion will review the use of ADCs and novel format conjugates in alternative indications, including bacterial, viral, autoimmune and more indications
  • With many companies exploring progressing their ADCs to novel indications, what are the main factors holding them back?
  • What are the main advantages that ADCs hold over traditional drugs?

5:15 pm Chairs Closing Remarks

  • Robert Lutz Chief Scientific Officer, Iksuda Therapeutics

6:00 p.m. 10th World ADC Awards