8:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

  • Tim Lowinger Chief Scientific & Technology Officer, Mersana Therapeutics

Advancing ADCs in Combination – Showcasing Ground Breaking Combination Studies Involving Best-in Class ADCs

8:30 am Evaluating the Importance of Independent Action in ADC Combination Trials



  • Highlighting how immuno oncology drugs are failing at an unprecedented rate -perhaps because too much reliance has been placed on preclinical thinking about synergy
  • Based on the mathematics of independent action, synergy has not been seen in any immune oncology registration trials to date
  • To progress the development of combinations of ADC and PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitors the field must adapt more rigorous mathematic thinking about combination results

9:00 am ADC Therapeutic Window Enhancement Based on the AJICAP Chemical Site-Specific Conjugation Platform


  • Examining how site-specific technologies are being employed in many of the next-generation ADCs due to enhancement of clinically relevant biological properties observed in various preclinical studies
  • Demonstrating a novel method of affinity peptide mediated regiodivergent antibody functionalization that enables the synthesis of ADCs from native IgGs in a tunable and atom-precise manner
  • Highlighting how both thiol-based and azide-based site-specific ADCs produced by “AJICAP” technology demonstrated an expansion of their therapeutic index compared with stochastic technology

9:30 am Polatuzumab Vedotin: Late Stage Clinical Development to Approval


  • Providing an overview of the late stage clinical development of polatuzumab vedotin
  • Discussing rational combination strategy in R/R DLBCL leading to approval of polatuzumab vedotin + BR
  • Sharing the rational combination strategy in 1L DLBCL leading to positive results of the Phase III POLARIX with polatuzumab vedotin + R-CHP

10:00 am From Concept to Market: Accelerating ADC Development with WuXi XDC’s Fully Integrated Discovery Research and CMC Platforms



  • One-stop discovery services platform including mab discovery and protein generation, payload linker synthesis, conjugation research and in vitro, in vivo testing
  • Fully integrated ADC CMC development with industry leading DNA to IND timeline of 15 months; mab/payload-linker/conjugation DS & DP all by in-house team and facilities
  • Vast ADC experience with 230+ discovery projects, 65+ CMC projects, 25+ INDs

10:30 am Accelerated Pathway from Antibody to ADC


The pathway from antibody to ADCs is complex, resource intensive, and time-consuming. There are numerous platform-based solutions including various classes of payloads, differing linker chemistries, and conjugation technologies to evaluate. All of these can seem like a minefield.  We will demonstrate how having high-quality material, expertise and the right technology can accelerate your ADC programs.

10:45 am
Morning Refreshments

1:00 pm
Lunch & Networking Supported by Sterling Pharma Solutions


How to Progress From Lead Candidate Nomination to Clinic: An ADC Process & Analytical Development to Manufacturing Case Study

3:00 pm
Afternoon Break

Showcasing the Promise of ADCs Targeting Folate Receptor α

3:30 pm Sharing Results from SORAYA: A Phase III Trial of Mirvetuximab soravtansine in Platinum Resistant, FRα-high Ovarian Cancer


  • Discussing efficacy and safety of MIRV in FR-alpha high, platinum resistant ovarian cancer
  • Outlining the evolution of the companion diagnostics and impacts on trials
  • Sharing information about on-going trials and next steps

4:00 pm Providing an Overview of How Sutro Biopharma Are Targeting Folate Receptor α

  • Trevor Hallam Chief Scientific Officer & President, Research, Sutro Biopharma


  • Discussing STRO-002 Phase 1 Clinical Study for patients with Advanced Ovarian Cancer as well as other indications
  • Outlining how Sutro Biopharma are targeting FOLR-alpha

4:30 pm Reviewing Preliminary Results from a First-in-Human Trial with MORAb-202

  • Sadhna Shankar Vice President, Clinical Development, Oncology, Eisai


  • Providing a background on MORAb-202
  • Sharing preliminary safety and efficacy of MORAb-202 in first-in-human studies
  • Detailing information on pharmacokinetics of MORAb-202

5:00 pm Folate Receptor Alpha Targeted Topiosomerase 1 CDC For Platinum Resistant Ovarian Cancer


  • Overviewing novel targeted CDot Conjugates for the treatment of Folate Receptor Alpha over-expressing tumors
  • Reviewing how CDC multivalent tumor targeting and high payload loading allows for the more effective killing of tumors with lower target antigen expression
  • Exploring how Elucida’s CDC can be expanded into other FR+/Topo1 responsive indications

5:30 pm End of Scientific Program Day Two

9th Annual World ADC Awards


The World ADC Awards ceremony showcases the innovation, leadership and devotion shown by the best companies, teams and individuals in the industry. This is your opportunity to recognize and highlight the leading companies and amazing individual work that has occurred over the last 12 months.
Across 9 categories we will recognize the extraordinary endeavors, teamwork and commercial acumen that has propelled the field to the forefront of cancer research today. Don’t forget to have your say and vote! Visit our website for more information.