Accelerated ADC Discovery Searchlight

Searchlight_Accelerated ADC Discovery

A Private Network Designed by ADC Discovery Leaders

for ADC Discovery drug developers

This is the only global expert network designed just for ADC discovery leaders to help accelerate the progress of the next generation of ADCs successfully into the clinic and beyond.

The network’s purpose is to assemble a unique collective of drug developers that work together to overcome their most critical shared barriers to successful ADC discovery. Members are evaluating ADC characterization platforms and re-thinking target identification and validation techniques by being able to access new thinking, new technologies and new ways of doing things.

Robust peer-to-peer dialogue around the developability of ADCs allows you to make better informed discovery decisions that improve the likelihood of clinical success.

Members Include:

Ty Davis - GSK
Emergence Therapeutics
Loxo oncology logo
Sorrento Therapeutics
Iksuda Therapeutics

Key Challenges Being Addressed

What new strategies can be put in place to allow us to shorten ADC development timeframes?

Beyond traditional ADCs, what needs to be in place to create the next generation of best-in-class ADCs through selection of novel payloads and delivery vehicles?

What have we found to be the optimal strategic pairing of target and payload for ADC clinical success?

How do we go about selecting different in vitro and in vivo models to better characterise and understand our ADC preclinically and avoid the preclinical model trap?

Benefits of Membership

Get A Shortcut To Deeper Scientific Understanding

Make Better Informed ADC Discovery Decisions

Influence The Development Of New Industry Standards

Save Time And Avoid Costly Discovery Dead-ends

Plug Into A Ready-made Benchmarking Network

Become a Member

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