Thank you for partnering with World ADC San Diego.

Here are a few quick and easy ways in which you can spread awareness and excitement for the meeting and your involvement.

Website link to share: www.info.hansonwade.com/worldadc19

Social Media Post

Gain recognition for your work beyond your own network by publishing a post on LinkedIn and Twitter, and sharing the message in any relevant groups which you are a part of.


Simply click on this image, save it and share.

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Or, if you prefer here are a couple of pre-written messages for you to share:


LinkedIn Post:

“I’m speaking at World ADC San Diego! Join me (October 8-11, 2019) along with 600 leading experts. Leading with practical insights from the best in the industry, this meeting is designed equip you with the knowledge and connections to advance your ADC pipeline to maximize the clinical therapeutic index of your ADC. 

Find out more https://ter.li/d93p0a. Use discount code SPK to save 10%!”


Twitter Post:

Go to any browser (you’ll need to log into twitter and have a twitter account) and paste this link.

“I'm speaking at #World ADC San Diego! Join me and 600 experts this October  https://ter.li/9dbjcc via @World_ADC”


If you would like to send an email to your contacts highlighting your session and speaking involvement at World ADC please let us know and we will send you some messaging if you prefer.



For a wider reach through a number of different channels, put us in contact with your marketing or PR team so we can work with them to promote your involvement in the meeting in the lead up. We would be happy to coordinate any PR activity and if you have any press that you would like us to invite please feel free to suggest this.


We are happy to host press releases online, whitepapers and reports online, subject to approval.


Jenny Barlow
Divisional Head of Marketing
Tel: +44 (0)203 862 7310
Email: jenny.barlow@hansonwade.com